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The safety and privacy of our customers is our main priority. Please read our fraud guide if you think you have been a victim of fraud.

At Money Bunny we do our very best to ensure that the safety and privacy of our customers are kept secure and safe. We take this very seriously. We have produced this page to help warn our customers and provide some general guidance if you think that you have become a victim of fraud.

Fraud can sometimes be very difficult to spot, some fraudsters take the name of genuine companies and pose as them. These fraudsters will then make cold calls to their victims promising loan details that don't really exsist. Money Bunny offer a range of loans. The fraudsters will then invite the victim to part with the cash through voucher schemes like UKASH VOUCHERS and promising that a loan will certainly follow. Please be well aware of these types of scams.

The people that run these scams are skilled and experienced at persuading their targets to part with their money. If you think you have been a victim of a scam or have paid any money to someone you think is a fraudsters there are some very helpful steps you can take to protect yourself.

Please note

No one from Money Bunny or any financial partner relations, including lenders, will ever contact you and request you to send them money or buy any products from them prior to receiving your loan funds.

Money Bunny guidance

What you can do to protect yourself

Stop sending money immediately


If you think you have been scammed you should stop sending money to the individuals involved straight away. If you have given them your bank account details, tell your bank immediately.

Try to remember some of the details from the fraudster who had been involved with the scam, this might not be easy, but the more evidence that you have on hand the easier it will be to stop the fraudsters in their tracks and prevent further fraud/scams to other victims.

Report it as soon as possible


If you have been cold-called or suspect you may be a victim of fraud, you can report it using one of these services:

Further support from the FCA

FCA support

You can contact the financial conduct authority directly for more information.